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Chapter 1 Overview

1. What is IX110?

OpenVox IX110 IPPBX kit is an upgrade product for IX100. It works with OpenVox IPC100 embedded asterisk® motherboard and designed for Small & Medium Businesses. System developers can run most of the production version PBX software including asterisk in this kit. It can also simplify the installation procedure and thus, no more complicated migration work needed.

The IX110 IPPBX kit comes with Intel® latest Atom® Z5XXP series processors up to 1.6 GHz. The system memory can be equipped with 200-pin DDR2 400/533 SDRAM socket (up to 2 GB). There are flexible combinations of data storage such as Compact Flash, 44 pin IDE header and SATA connector that can meet the demands of any operating systems and applications. In addition, it consists of 2 Mini PCI sockets that allow users to combine any OpenVox Mini PCI cards, Mini PCI wireless LAN card and other expansions at ease.

2. What is OpenVox IPC100?

OpenVox IPC100 is a reliable mini-ATX board. The fan-less design, as low as 6W power, enables more abilities to operate in harsh industrial environments. Integrated up to 3 Ethernet ports, IPC100 motherboard provides flexible options for different targets. IPC100 supports Mini PCI cards perfectly.OpenVox IPC100 has two standard OEM options,IPC100C(CPU 1.1G) and IPC100B(CPU 1.6G).

Chapter 2 IPC100 Features

Main Features:

1) Powerful Intel Atom Z500P series Processor up to 1.6GHz
2) 512KBL2 cache, 24K data,32K instrcution
3) Two mini PCI interfaces and other expansions
4) Two GB DDR2 SDRAMs,64 bit wide for high memory bandwidth
5) 8Mbit flash for AMI BIOS
6) Flexible combinations of data storage solutions
7) Three Ethernet ports
8) Wide voltage range: 7 to 20V (absolutely) DC supply through DC jack
9) One serial port for debug usage
10) Header for LPC bus (use for flash recovery or I/O expansions)
11) Low EMI Emission level and high Electro Magnetic Susceptibility


1> CPU: Intel Atom Z510P 1.1GHz/Z520P 1.3G/Z530P 1.6GHz
2> DRAM: Slot onboard, up to 2GB DDR2 400/533 SDRAM (double sides 1GB) 
3> Chipset: Intel Poulsbo
4> Southbridge: Poulsbo integrated
5> Power: DC jack, 7V to 20V, suggest 12V supply
6> Front panel LED: For programmable GPO status indicator
7> Expansion: Two mini PCI slots
8> Network connectivity: Three Ethernet ports
9> I/O: One DB9 RS232 serial port; two USB 2.0 ports
10> Board size: 6×6" (152.4×152.4 mm)
11> Operating temperature: 0°C to 60°C
12> Firmware: AMI BIOS
13> PCB layer: 8
14> Power dissipation: ~6W

Chapter 3 Compatibility

A. Mini PCI Slot:

1> Broadcom BCM4318 wireless LAN adapter
2> Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 2200BG Network Connection
3> Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 2915BG Network Connection

B. Mini PCi Cards:

OpenVox A400M,B100M,B200M,B400M

C. Memory:

Kingston KVR667D2S5/1G, KVR800D2S6/1G, KVR533D2S4/512MB

Chapter 4 OEM Information

Stardard OEM options available:

A. IPC100B(Z530P CPU/2*100M LAN/1*Gigabit LAN)
B. IPC100C(Z510P CPU/2*100M LAN/1*Gigabit LAN)

IPC_VGA OEM information:

1> Name: IPC_VGA V1.1
2> Funtion: SDVO to VGA daugther board

OEM Options:

1> DRAM size(1GB/2GB)
2> CPU speed(1.1GHz/1.3GHz/1.6Hz)
3> Configuration options:

A: 2*100Mbps/1*Gigabit
B: 1*100Mbps/1*Gigabit
C: 2*100Mbps
D: 1*Gigabit

4> 0°C to 85°C (only @ Z510PT/Z520PT)

Chapter 5 IPC100 FAQs


Chapter 6 User Manual and Test Reports