OCTVQE8 Soft Echo Cancellation

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1. Download

1) Download octvqe8 base package and architecture-specific package from OpenVox website: http://downloads.openvox.cn/pub/drivers/octvqe%20soft%20echocanceller
Here lists 32 bits and 64 bits Base packages, Architecture-specific packages for Intel and AMD architecture, and also Registration Applications. Please get the packages apply to the environment of your server. Steps to accomplish installation and configuration of OCTVQE8 soft echo cancellation base on 32 bits OS with Intel architecture are introduced.

# cd /usr/src
# wget http://downloads.openvox.cn/pub/drivers/octvqe%20soft%20echocanceller/octvqe8-01.04.02-pr-base-openvox.tgz
# wget http://downloads.openvox.cn/pub/drivers/octvqe%20soft%20echocanceller/octvqe8-01.04.02-pr-intel32.tgz
# wget http://downloads.openvox.cn/pub/drivers/octvqe%20soft%20echocanceller/register32

2) Download patches for OCTVQE8 and DAHDI from OpenVox official website:

# wget http://downloads.openvox.cn/pub/drivers/octvqe%20soft%20echocanceller/octvqe8-patches.tar.gz

3) Download DAHDI source code package from OpenVox website:

# wget http://downloads.openvox.cn/pub/drivers/dahdi-linux-complete/releases/1.3.3/openvox_dahdi-linux-complete-

2. Installation

1) Please decompress OCTVQE8 base package and finish installation:

# tar -zxvf octvqe8-01.04.02-pr-base-openvox.tgz
# tar -zxvf octvqe8-01.04.02-pr-intel32.tgz
# tar -zxvf octvqe8-patches.tar.gz
# cd octvqe8-01.04.02-pr
# cd octvqe
# make
# make install
# cp octvqed /usr/sbin
# cp octvqed.init /etc/rc.d/
# chmod +x /etc/rc.d/octvqed.init 

2) Register OCTVQE8 with Registration Application:

# cd /usr/src
# chmod 500 register32
# ./register32

Type in your licenses to accomplish registration.

3) Patch for DAHDI source codes and finish installation:

# tar -zxvf openvox_dahdi-linux-complete-
# cd dahdi-linux-complete-
# cp ../octvqe8-patches/dahdi-linux-complete- ./
# patch -p1 < dahdi-linux-complete-
# cp ../octvqe8-01.04.02-pr/octvqe/Module.symvers linux/drivers/dahdi/
# make
# make install
# make config

4) Install Libpri and Asterisk.

3. Configuration

1) To setup Octvqed service when the machine boots:
Add a line “/etc/rc.d/octvqed.init start “ in file /etc/rc.d/rc.local:

# vim /etc/rc.d/rc.local
# This script will be executed *after* all the other init scripts.
# You can put your own initialization stuff in here if you don't
# want to do the full Sys V style init stuff.

touch /var/lock/subsys/local
/etc/rc.d/octvqed.init start

Save and quit.

2) load module octvqe.ko to enable OCTVQE8 soft echo canceller:

# modprobe octvqe

Or add a line in file /etc/dahdi/modules to load the module when startup DAHDI service:

# Octvqe Soft EchoCanceller

Please save and quit, then restart DAHDI service.

3) Configure /etc/dahdi/system.conf: To enable the OCTCQE8 soft echo cancellation for a specific channel, please set the echo cancellation as octec:

# Autogenerated by /usr/sbin/dahdi_genconf on Mon Nov 21 10:51:04 2011
# If you edit this file and execute /usr/sbin/dahdi_genconf again,
# your manual changes will be LOST.
# Dahdi Configuration File
# This file is parsed by the Dahdi Configurator, dahdi_cfg
# Span 1: OPVXA1200/0 "OpenVox A1200P Board 1" (MASTER)
# Global data

loadzone        = cn
defaultzone     = cn

Keep other configurations as it is.

4) Check the status of running OCTVQE8:<br>

Execute command: while true; do clear; cat /proc/octvqe; sleep 1;done