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OpenVox Quick Support

  1. Click here to get user manuals and drivers
  2. How to get support:
    1. Post a question to OpenVox Forum
    2. Check the latest User manuals and troubleshooting
    3. Email OpenVox
    4. Call +86-755-82535461 +86-755-82535095 +86-755-82535362 (GMT+8 9:00am to 22:00pm Mon to Fri)

Attention: In order to get a quick answer, Please do not double post or send your questions to forum and email support!

Information wanted for support

To get quick support, You need to do:

  • Show versions of kernel and Linux distribution
  • Show versions of asterisk and zaptel/dahdi
  • Give model of OpenVox products
  • Give debug and error information from your system
  • Show zaptel(zaptel.conf and zapata.conf) or dahdi (system.conf and chan_dahdi.conf) configuration files and extension.conf if your have a trouble with dialplan
  • Give demsg message after loading the driver
  • Give output of the command: cat /proc/interrupts
  • Give message in asterisk console when making a call
  • Show signaling you are using(FXS,FXO,PRI,SS7,R2..)
  • Give IM tools and SSH account with root permission if you need us to check the system.
  • Make a backup for your important files, we may change the settings
  • Describe the problem in details(logs, errors)
  • Show serial numbers of OpenVox's products
  • Give your contact number in case we might contact you
  • Indicate your TIME ZONE
  • Indicate that the system with trouble is a: production system OR testing system
  • Give a number(FXO/PRI/SS7/R2) binding with the system